Commissioning a painting by Alyx is a unique experience where you will soon find yourself excited with anticipation.  The specifics of your custom piece will be detailed during your initial consultation, but a few details below should be reviewed in preparation for the commission.

Commissions start at $300.

Photograph Sources
Photographs are used to create your artwork.  Sources of photographs can be:

  • AlyxArt’s preferred photographer, Stevie Veale – Once the commission has been ordered, Alyx will setup the photograph session with Stevie.
  • Client – Photographs personally taken by the client can be used if approved by Alyx.
  • Third Party Photographer – Photographs taken by a third party may be used only when a Photograph Copyright Release Form is provided by the photographer.

Time Frame
Standard commission process can take four to six weeks.  Size, style, and Alyx’s current schedule will affect time for completion.  Allow extra time for holiday orders.  Expedited processing can be provided for an additional fee.
Payment Schedule
Fifty percent (50%) due on commission acceptance.  Balance due on completion.

Painting Copyright
Alyx shall retain all rights under copyright law to the work which includes the license to make and use graphic reproductions of the work.  Reproductions include, but are not limited to, two-dimensional reproductions used in brochures, media publicity, social media, and exhibition catalogs or similar publications, digital or otherwise.