Artist’s Statement

The reason I do art is to please. I want to please the subject with an accurate, flattering portrayal. I want to please people by being straightforward with my work. I want to please myself by earning the approving nod or smile.


Although a $10 second place award for printmaking in a high school art show made me realize there is money to be made in art, I chose my high school sweetheart’s family business of griddle plates for the commercial cooking industry as my career. It wasn’t until a craft store paint set bought a year into my marriage renewed my interest that I started painting. Many years, two kids, scores of soccer practices, and hours working on school fundraiser and art projects later, I finally realized I need art and I am actually good at it. So now I get to thoroughly enjoy my life as a soccer-crazy mom of two pre-teen wonder kids and wife of a never-say-no husband who relishes prodding me to make art people love.


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